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My name is Emma Kinser. I am 9 years old. I will start the 4th grade this fall. My dad and I like to go on adventures. We decided the best way to share them was to create a travel blog. These are my words, but Dad helped me with spelling and grammar. This is our first entry.

Our Trip to St. John

Day 1 - June 12, 2012

Today was an early day. We had to wake up at 4:30 so we could get ready and take a cab to the airport. Luckily, we packed almost everything the night before. The taxi was right on time and we got to DFW airport fast. Here is a photo of me standing in line at security:


Dad bought the hat for me the day before the trip. A whole bunch of people complimented me on it during the whole vacation. We got through security and decided to have breakfast while waiting for our flight. We had breakfast burritos at Blue Mesa. They were awesome. We went to our gate, but that's where things started to go wrong. Our plane had engine troubles, so we took off two hours late. When we got to the airport in Miami, we were told that we missed our 12:30 connecting flight to St. Thomas and we probably wouldn't get to leave until the next day. They put us on standby for the 5:30 flight, and we made it! Dad and I watched TV shows on the plane and played Sudoku.

We landed in St. Thomas around 8:30 and took a shuttle van to the ferry in Red Hook. We got there early, so we walked around and found a restaurant called Fish Tails. We had fried calamari for an appetizer. Dad told me it was like onion rings. After we finished them, he told me it was really fried squid tentacles! He was surprised that I actually liked it. For dinner, I had spaghetti and Dad had mahi mahi. They were very good.

We went back to the ferry dock and left on the 10 p.m. ferry. We arrived in Cruz Bay at 10:20. It was a short boat ride. Dad had made a reservation with L&L Jeep Rental so they were waiting at the dock with our Jeep. I had never ridden in a Jeep before. I thought it was cool. The man who rented our villa to us was also there waiting, so we followed him to Coral Bay where our villa was. The roads were crazy! It was like driving all over a mountain - up and down with lots of turns. It was only 8 miles from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, but the drive took 30 minutes. We FINALLY got to the villa around 11. The name of the villa was Harbour Lights. It was really neat. Here are a couple of pictures of it:


Even though it was really late, Dad and I swam in the pool before we went to bed. That was the best part of the villa. We had our own pool. I swam in it every night. Dad swam in it sometimes. Here is a photo of it:


Tomorrow we go to the beach!

Day 2 - June 13, 2012

We slept in today because of our late arrival last night. We got up and decided to go to breakfast. We got in the Jeep and drove to Cruz Bay. We finally found a parking spot after driving around town several times and we walked to JJ's Texas Coast Cafe.


I had the pancakes and Dad had the huevos rancheros:


They were delicious! I thought it was crazy that we saw chickens walking around our table:


After breakfast we went to a jewelry store and Dad bought me a pretty ring. Then we went to the beach by the ferry dock. Dad knew there was a webcam pointed at the beach, so we wrote his friend's name in the sand so he could see us:


Scott liked it so much that he posted it on Facebook and said, "Somewhere there's a beach with my name on it!" After that, we got back in the Jeep and drove back to Coral Bay. Along the way, we saw donkeys in the road:


Donkeys have been in St. John for several hundred years since the days when the island was used primarily for growing sugar cane. The donkeys never left, and everyone leaves them alone.

We went to Lilly's Gourmet Market and got some groceries and then we went back to our villa. We got ready and then went to Skinny Legs for lunch:


Dad wanted to come here so he could get a cheeseburger in paradise. The restaurant is cool. The menu is on a surfboard:


We both got cheeseburgers. They were awesome:


After lunch we went snorkeling at Maho Bay. We saw lots of small fish, including a puffer fish. After that, we went back to Coral Bay and got a pizza at Donkey Diner and went home and ate. After that, I swam in the pool and Dad listened to reggae. We had no idea the big day we would have tomorrow...

Day 3 - June 14, 2012

We got up early today, ready to hit the beach. We drove to Cruz Bay to search for a noodle to help me swim. The store wasn't open yet, so we drove to Trunk Bay to look at the beach. This is the view we saw:


This is me sitting in front of Trunk Bay:


The difference in the quality of the photos is because Dad took some photos with his camera and some with his blackberry (so he could post them immediately). Little did we know that the camera would suffer a tragic death later during the trip...

We went to Hawksnest Bay and snorkeled for a couple of hours. We saw lots of fish but nothing else. We went back to the villa, took a shower, and then went to go look for lunch. We found a really cool place called Chateaux Bourdeaux:



It was really cool and had an amazing view from the patio:


We both had fish and chips for lunch. The fish was mahi mahi. It was awesome:


After lunch we came home and took a nap. Then we went out for more snorkeling. This time we went to Francis Bay. The snorkeling was awesome! We used fins this time so we could go out farther. We saw two stingrays, two sea turtles, and a bunch of fish:





The pictures aren't very good because they were taken with a disposable waterproof camera. Dad said one day he's going to get a real one.

We hiked the trail back to our car and then went back to our villa. We changed clothes and went to Cruz Bay for dinner. This time we went to High Tide:


For dinner, we had conch fritters, fried calamari and conch chowder. For dessert, we had key lime pie. After dinner, we watched a reggae band called Inner Visions:


Dad and I danced to a couple of songs and then it was time to go home. Tomorrow is another big day since we will do an all-day snorkel cruise!

Day 4 - June 15, 2012

We got up early and drove to Cruz Bay for our snorkeling trip. The name of the boat was Bad Kitty:


Our first stop was the island of Tortola. Since we were going to the British Virgin Islands, we had to get a stamp on our passports there. I like collecting stamps on my passport. Here is Tortola:


After that, we went to an island called Virgin Gorda where we could see the Baths:


Dad told me that the Baths are really called batholiths, which is a fancy name for huge boulders. They were everywhere right on the beach and in the water, and they formed a cave system you could explore. The only problem is there isn't a dock at the Baths, so we had to swim to shore. Dad had bought a waterproof case for his camera in Tortola, but it didn't work. His camera got really wet. He was bummed about that.

Here are a bunch more photos of the Baths and Virgin Gorda:








After that, we swam back to the boat and went to go have lunch on Cooper Island. Here is a photo the island:


There are only about 15 people who live on this island, and they all work at the restaurant. It's called Cooper Island Beach Club:


For lunch, I had the fish and chips, and Dad had a grilled mahi mahi sandwich. They were both really good. This is us at our table:


After lunch, I got to play a fun game with some friends we made on the boat. The game was right on the beach:


After that, we got back on the boat. It was time to go snorkeling. I was excited:


Here are a bunch of photos of me getting in the water and the things we saw when we snorkeled:






That was a lot of fun. We actually saw a little shark, but we didn't get a picture of it. After that, we headed to an island called Jost Van Dyke. The boat captain even let me drive on the way! That was really cool. Here is a photo of Jost Van Dyke:


Dad said it was one of the prettiest islands he's ever seen. There's a famous bar on this beach called the Soggy Dollar Bar. It's called that because there's no dock on the beach, so everyone has to swim from their boat. When they get to the bar, they pay with soggy dollars!


We went to the Soggy Dollar Bar so we could try their famous drink called the painkiller (okay, mine was a virgin!). The bartender was crazy! Then we bought some souvenirs and it was time to go back to Cruz Bay in St. John. We drove back to the villa, ordered a pizza, and swam in the pool for 3 hours. It was a great day!

Tomorrow is dinner at the fanciest restaurant on the island!

Day 5 - June 16, 2012

Today was a lazy day. We slept late and had breakfast at Donkey Diner.


We went back home and were lazy for a couple of hours. We had lunch at the villa and then drove to Cruz Bay and went souvenir shopping. We got lots of cool stuff. After that, we went to Waterfront Bistro. I had a Shirley Temple and Dad had a painkiller. Here is the view from the bar:


We never got tired of looking at the ocean, no matter where we were.

After that, we went to Mongoose Junction for more souvenir shopping and we stopped at a place called the Tap Room. They had root beer on tap! It was yummy:



After that, it was time to go snorkeling again. This time we went to Cinnamon Bay. We saw 2 stingrays and lots of pretty fish. Here's a picture of the beach:


Then we went back to the villa and got ready for dinner. Zozo's Ristorante is the fanciest place on the island. It was the nicest restaurant I'd ever been to. We had bruschetta for an appetizer. For dinner, I had lobster ravioli and Dad had a steak. They were awesome. For dessert, we had tiramissou. It was also very yummy. Here's the view of sunset from the restaurant:



After dinner, we drove back to the villa. I swam in the pool again and then it was time for bed.

Tomorrow is Father's Day!

Day 6 - June 17, 2012 (Father's Day)

Since it was Father's Day, Dad decided to be lazy and not go to the beach in the morning. When I got up, I gave him a Rangers gift card. After that, we got dressed and went to Miss Lucy's for Father's Day brunch:


Miss Lucy's is a restaurant right on the water, and they have a jazz band that plays there on Sundays:


The restaurant was really busy, so we sat at the bar and stared at the ocean. I had pancakes and Dad had a brunch burger:


The food was yummy. After brunch, we went back to the villa and took a nap. After that, we went to Salt Pond Bay. The beach wasn't very pretty, but the snorkeling was good. We saw a lot of fish and two stingrays. When we were driving back to the villa, we stopped to listen to a band play at a bar. I got a virgin Pina Colada. There was a lady singing "Isn't She Lovely?" and Dad loved it. He thought that was a great present for Father's Day. We left there and stopped for ice cream. I had this ice cream called trash can because it had everything in it. It was yummy! When we got home, we had leftovers for dinner and then swam in the pool.

Tomorrow is a very busy day!

Day 7 - June 18, 2012

We got up and got dressed and went back to Donkey Diner for breakfast. I had pancakes and Dad had huevos rancheros. It was yummy! Then we went back to the villa and changed into our swimsuits. We drove to Trunk Bay and went snorkeling. There were lots of pretty fish. After that, we went back home, changed and went to Mongoose Junction. We went back to the Tap Room so I could get more root beer. We had calamari for an appetizer. I had pizza and Dad had pulled pork quesadillas. He said they were awesome. Then we went to go parasailing. On the way to the dock, I saw a really pretty parrot:


Then we got on the boat. Parasailing was a lot of fun. Here are photos of us parasailing:



Right before they brought us back on the boat, they actually dunked us in the water:


That was crazy! On the way back to the dock, we saw a sea turtle in the water. That was cool. Then we went back to the villa, took a nap, and went out to go snorkeling one last time. This time it was Maho Bay. Before we left, Dad told me to wave goodbye to the ocean:


Dad was sad that it was almost time to go.

Day 8 - June 19, 2012

We went home. Nobody wants to talk about that. This was the funnest trip ever!

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